Jewelry: How to choose?

Jewelry: How to choose?

Most of us have jewelry that we wear every day: a favorite watch, ring, earrings or bracelet it can be anything. When we put them on, we don’t think about whether they fit our outfit or whether they will be appropriate.

Such accessories, as a rule, are in harmony with the entire wardrobe as a whole and become an integral part of a person’s personal style. These jewelry are pleasant to wear and, most importantly, very comfortable. But there are times when the routine gets boring, you want to give our image a special look, refresh it, or, which also happens often, when you open your notebook, you find that an important solemn event flaunts in your calendar. In both cases, it seems that one cannot do without buying new accessories.

And here the most interesting begins. It turns out that choosing jewelry is not such an easy task as it might seem, it is no easier than choosing clothes. Everything is important here: the material from which the accessory is made, and the style, and color, and shape of the product. In addition, any decoration is an integral part of the image, which means that it must fully correspond to it, complement and emphasize the nuances. How to save time and make the right choice?

Decide what effect you expect from the jewelry: do you want the accessory to take the role of “first violin” in the image or tend to ensure that the accessory only complements it. Based on this, you will move on. In the first case, if you decide that the decoration will be the central element, then the clothes are matched to the accessory. You can experiment with the size, color and shape of the product, but at the same time things should be “simple” so as not to distract attention. In the second case, you need to start by choosing clothes, and then pick up jewelry. By the way, make sure that the accessory fits the format and mood of the event. For example, a necklace with stones will be a good option for an evening event, but not the best for meeting business partners.

Undoubtedly, each decoration is beautiful in its own way. However, this does not mean that any of them is necessarily right for you. Of course, sometimes it pays to step out of your “comfort zone” and try something new, but this should not be stressful for you. When choosing between one or another type of product, listen to your feelings. Any clothes or jewelry that you wear conduct a constant “dialogue” with the outside world, broadcast your thoughts, in addition, they also have a certain effect on you.

That is why never give in to persistent advice or the influence of fashion, because it is so important that accessories do not “conflict” with you, but, on the contrary, give confidence and emphasize individual style. It is important to consider the type of figure. Jewelry, in addition to decorative properties, is also designed to balance and harmonize the silhouette. Place accents to emphasize dignity. Earrings, for example, will draw attention to the face, rings and bracelets – to the hands, a necklace – to the neck and décolleté.

The main thing is not to overdo it! Do not try to focus on all the advantages at once, choose one thing.